How To Know What The Best Style Of Yoga Is For You

Yoga is a wonderful practice that has helped people around the globe create a more vibrant self-awareness, find peace, and heal their bodies and souls. But, let’s be clear, not all yoga styles are suitable for everyone.

Some yoga students come to practice Asanas looking to lose weight, develop a muscular body, get chiseled abs, and a nice booty. This is not the main goal of yoga.

If you want to lose weight, it is important to also change your diet and add various cardio disciplines (HIIT, Zumba, running, swimming, cycling, or practicing any sport you like!) to your daily routine. Asanas are not considered ‘cardio fitness’ because they aren’t meant to elevate your heart rate. Not even Vinyasa! Mixing cardio with Pranayama, a plant-based diet, meditation, and Asana will create a Yin-Yang state that can lead you to have a balanced life. Just remember: It is important to separate yoga from the world of fitness.

Yoga is a very powerful tool not only for our physique, but for all aspects of our lives as well. If we focus only on the benefits yoga provides to our bodies, we are missing much of what can bring us.

We can mix and match different Yoga styles depending on our needs, goals, and personality types. For instance, if you are very active, you can use Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga to channel all your energy. However, performing a continued practice of Vinyasa without other mindfulness practice will not succeed in bringing you into balance. Then, you can mix it with Restorative Yoga since it’s aim is to relax you deeply, allowing you to reset your mind and leading you to a calm state.

This is very important because when we are not in harmony with ourselves, we usually choose to carry out activities that take us farther away from our heart center. For example, anxious people will need to run, while more sedentary people will want to continue sitting on their couch thinking this activity will relax them. In both cases, their personalities will drive them away from yoga practice.

Another factor to consider is the weather in order to find a yoga practice that counteracts the effects of the climate to keep you in harmony. If you live in a tropical or hot climate, probably the last thing you want to partake in is a Hot Yoga class. This type of yoga practice can, on the other hand, feel wonderful during winter.

After each class, listen to your body and notice how you feel. If you are still anxious or overly active, you may need to change your yoga style to a more physically demanding one like Vinyasa. If you find yourself downhill or unmotivated, maybe it’s a good time to learn more about different styles of yoga and its benefits. There are also themed Yoga classes that will add some flavors to the traditional Asanas. Just as our mood is not always the same, it is a good idea to choose the style to practice according to what our body asks.

Yoga is a very powerful tool to harmonize our body and our mind. Take the time to find your center and give yourself the gift of exploring different Yoga experiences.

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