How to See Auras

All creatures on this planet have an aura, a field of energy that is emitted with its own signature unique to the vibration of a person or living entity. These auras essentially allow for us to see the state of being the entity is in.

Each aura appears like a glow that encompasses the entire body, each color relating to a certain mood. The aura can appear broken up, much like the seven chakras, into smaller elements based on the moods of our different body parts.

Instinctively, we already sense a person’s aura without actually having to see it. Often, we can sense someone is angry by the energy he or she is emitting outwardly, and we know to stay away. However, in order to be able to see auras and their colors, you must first be able to realize that you are already capable of feeling them. To better understand what you will see, we will discuss the Auric Fields.

The Auric Fields

The Physical Field: This field has the lowest frequency and is visible to the naked eye without training. It reflects health and wellbeing and changes accordingly.

The Etheric Field: Considered the blueprint for the physical body, it is grey in appearance and changes based on the energy flow that courses through the body. It is the energy exchange between the universe and the body.

The Emotional Field: The colors within this field change depending on the emotion that the being is feeling in the moment and with the wellbeing of each chakra of the body. While the Etheric Field follows the shape of the body, the Emotional Field is oval in shape.

The Mental Field: This field overlaps with the Emotional Field and is visible as bright yellow and appears over the crown of the head. It changes based on the person’s mental focus.

The Astral Field: This field is the link between the physical and spiritual realms. It exists on its own plane, free from time and space. Colors are similar to the always changing emotional field, but with a reddish hue.

The Etheric Template Field: Unless you make your way to the astral plane you are unlikely to see this field as it is the equivalent to The Physical Field, but within the spiritual realm.

The Celestial Field: The template for The Etheric Field within the Physical Field.

The Causal Field: This appears as a pale gold hue and exist beyond life as it portrays the path which your life will take. It is the same as The Mental Field within the Spiritual Plane.


How to See Them?

Now we finally answer the question of how to see auras. It is all about letting your eyes relax, much in the same manner as those ‘Magic Eye’ portraits with the hidden image within. One way to try and attain this ability is to sit relaxed, facing a neutral backdrop such as a wall. Take your two index fingers in the shape of an X and draw them towards your nose so that one of your fingers touches it. Focus your eyes on the middle where the fingers overlap. Slowly move them away from our face and from each other. If this is done correctly your fingers will appear as though they are joined together in the middle of your field of view. Your eyes, still out of focus, will look like you are seeing double. By focusing on the space around your fingers you should start to see colors at the end of your fingertips. This color is your aura.

Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away, as with all interests, it takes practice. Once you start to see your own aura, you can practice in the mirror to see your whole body, and then you can apply the same relaxed focus on objects and other living entities.


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