What Types Of Tops Are Best For Yoga?

Most yogis already know what their favorite pant styles are for a rigorous yoga practice. Styles can vary pretty drastically, but the same few cuts and shapes are plentiful from various apparel manufacturers. It’s a little bit more difficult to distinguish what type of workout top is the best choice for yogis. 

The various positions required in a yoga practice mean that yogis need to think through their training to determine the best type of shirt to wear. If you’ve been trying to figure out what to pair with your yoga pants, take a look at these popular tops to determine if they would be a good fit for you. 

  • Sports Bra

Depending on what type of yoga you practice, a sports bra may be a perfectly acceptable form of a shirt. Hot yoga especially creates so much heat within your body; hence, an extra layer of clothing can make it difficult to focus on the practice. It prevents you from adjusting tops as you move through the sequence so you can turn your attention back to your intention. 

Be sure to look for sports bras that have the appropriate amount of support and coverage for the sport. Thick fabrics and prints are a great way to have a little fun with this clothing item that is usually covered. 

  • Bodysuit

A bodysuit is an upcoming fashion trend that could pair beautifully with your yoga leggings. Because the fabric connects the top all the way through the groin like a leotard, this keeps your top from coming up during inversions or other poses. You won’t need to pull it down or tuck the shirt into the front of your pants as you move through the various asanas. 

  • Tank Tops

A racerback tank top should be an obvious choice when it comes to selecting a shirt for your yoga practice. They come in such a wide variety of colors, designs, and cuts that there is a tank top available to suit every body type. The exposure of the arms helps you and the yoga instructor to ensure that your arms, shoulders, and back is properly aligned through the poses. Preventing an injury is simple when you practice a safe alignment for your joints. 

If you choose to wear a tank top, look for ones made from a spandex blend. It allows the shirt to fit snugly against the body and prevent gaping as you practice. The fabric is also a little bit more breathable than a thicker polyester blend, which allows it to wick away sweat and moisture. Women can look for tank tops with built-in sports bras to cut down on the number of layers they have to wear. 

Keep in mind that every practice will have different needs, and the proper yoga attire may change accordingly. Gentle yoga practitioners may need a light sweater or a few more layers in order to feel comfortable in a chilly yoga studio. These are just a handful of the basic options available to yogis who are looking for the best fit.

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